Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is a shorter term couple’s therapy which aims to improve your relationship by focussing on the development of a more trusting and secure bond which in turn allows it to be healthier and more positive.

This well researched model of couple’s therapy draws on attachment theory and the patterns of interaction that occur when a relationship is distressed. It understands our needs for contact, comfort and closeness, and stresses the significance of loss of trust and connection. The therapy aims to direct you as a couple to be more accessible and responsive to each other which in turn fosters safe emotional connection and a feeling of more security in your relationship.

The steps involved in Emotionally Focused Therapy include identifying the interactional pattern that is maintaining insecurity and relationship distress, and reframing the problem you may be experiencing in terms of this pattern, your emotions, and needs for feeling close. Then it aims to facilitate the expression of emotional needs and wants, and to create more emotional engagement. Finally therapy is aimed at coming up with new solutions to old problems and consolidating new healthier cycles of attachment and interaction.