Gottman Method Couples therapy is an evidence based approach to relationship counselling based on more than forty years of research.  It was developed by Drs John and Julie Gottman and is a very methodical approach to couples therapy.  There is an emphasis on the way in which you connect emotionally with your partner and when in distressing patterns of interaction how you can be helped to be more constructive and positive when in conflict.  The approach also aims to help you build more positivity into your relationship generally through focusing on emotional repair, and the building of safety, trust, attachment, friendship, love, and intimacy.

The approach is participative and you are encouraged to work through areas of conflict in office.  You will be educated on ways to communicate your needs so they may be heard and understood by your partner.  You will also be encouraged to practice new behaviours in and out of the office as a way of changing unhelpful interactive patterns.

The overall aim is for you to have a stronger, happier, deeper bond with your partner through the building of conflict management skills, and skills for developing a greater friendship and mutually satisfying and meaningful life.