In this approach to couples therapy our psychology and biology are believed to heavily influence how we connect with and relate to our partners. Psychologically our family history and early attachment experiences with significant others, like parents and siblings, have an impact on how we manage relationships. Biologically, the brain, our physical health and our arousal system are considered in how we approach our relationships.

With the PACT model of couple’s therapy there is a focus on how you read your partner, understand and manage your partner on an emotional and energetic level, as well as how you manage the self. There is an emphasis on working through conflict with a mindset of obtaining win-win outcomes, learning how to co-manage each-other’s emotional states, learning how to accept each other as is, and identifying what your purpose and shared vision is as a couple.

The main aim of this approach is to create secure functioning within your relationship.  It is believed that secure functioning results in personal happiness, and is a predictor of physical health and longevity.