Anger is a normal emotion which can range from irritation to rage. Everyone experiences it and when managed well anger can be helpful in expressing difficult feelings and in dealing with difficult situations. It becomes problematic when it is chronic, expressed in a harmful way, when it affects relationships and general well-being.

Physiological changes which occur when angry include an increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and the release of stress hormones.

Problem behaviour can include yelling, being critical or using put downs, cursing, using sarcasm, stone walling, and sometimes being violent.

People get angry because they may be feeling frustrated, hurt, disappointed, embarrassed, worried or misunderstood.

Common thought distortions associated with anger include misappraisals about the importance of an event and our capacity to cope and they are usually associated with “should”, “oughts” and “musts”. For example, “they shouldn’t do that”, or “it should be done this way”.

Deborah can assist with anger management by helping you to understand it, why it occurs and providing useful strategies to manage it.

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