Deborah has been providing effective relationship therapy for more than 25 years.  She has specialised skills in helping couples work through a wide range of difficulties and strongly believes that the relationship we have with our significant other impacts significantly on our overall wellbeing.

The approach Deborah uses is evidence based and identifies emotion as the most important factor in adult attachment and the way couples bond.  There is an emphasis on the way in which partners connect emotionally, and when in distressing patterns how partners can be helped to reconnect to build stronger bonds and create a more positive atmosphere within their relationship.  Deborah will also address and work with individual factors that impact on your relationship with your partner.

Deborah can assist with communication difficulties, the management of conflict, intimacy problems both physical and emotional, attachment style issues, reconnecting after an affair, and issues to do with power and control.  She is also aware of the many and varied challenges faced by couples across the life span and can assist couples through difficult developmental transitions such as having children, coping with ageing, illness and the blended family.

Within a confidential, safe and supportive environment Deborah can help you to work through your relationship difficulties and help you to achieve a more secure bond and deeper connection with your partner.