Depression is the most common problem that brings people to therapy. Feelings of sadness, loss, irritability, frustration, fear, loneliness and hopelessness are often transient feelings most everybody feels from time to time. However, when they persist over a long period they can begin to erode self-confidence through self-criticism, persistent negativity, and withdrawal from social interaction.

Common bodily symptoms of depression include lethargy, a loss or increase in appetite. There can be sleep disturbance in which there is a desire to sleep more or a struggle to get to sleep. Early morning wakening can occur. People often notice a loss of sexual libido.

These symptoms often co-exist with difficulty in decision making, trouble with concentration and an inability to experience pleasure in life. Sometimes people have thoughts that life is not worth living and may consider ending it.

Negative self-talk such as “I’m a complete failure” or “I am a worthless person” is often a part of the unhelpful thinking pattern of depression.

If you are noticing these symptoms and they are not abating it may be time to get some assistance.  Deborah provides a supportive and confidential environment in which to explore why you may be experiencing these symptoms and how to get some relief from them.

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